Thursday, 11 June 2009

Duct Tape Dummy

  When I was playing around with some old jeans making them into shorts I was running up and down stairs looking in the long mirror in the bathroom to see if they were level and looked ok. I found this to be a bit of a pain, literally too with stabbing myself no end with the pins in my legs. I thought there must be an easier way to see how clothes fit without having to spend £100 on a dress making form. I’ve only just started out and didn’t want to spend tons of money.

After a bit of research on the net I came across this ‘Duct Tape Dummy’ a home made version of you as a dress form. I noticed the different variations of making a dummy, some used duct tape and Paper Mache like at Threads magazine others versions were made out of parcel tape as seen here on Threadbangers. I searched for videos on You Tube and found this was easier to understand.

Feeling all inspired I went down to the local DIY store and brought 3 rolls of duct tape in silver costing around £6.00. I put on an old snug-fitting t-shirt and asked my boyfriend to wrap me in it, I didn’t hear him refuse. After a couple of hours and feeling a little uncomfortable especially when I was pretty much covered in it and couldn’t move I was done.

I stuffed mine with loads of carrier bags, this took me about half hour, which worked rather well. I used a coat hanger to keep the shoulder shape and I had a tube from my fabric purchase to use as a pole. Also I managed to advertise on free cycle and a lovely person donated their Christmas tree stand for the base.

Equipment used:

1 old t-shirt
3 rolls of duct tape
Carrier bags - Loads
Coat hanger
Christmas tree base
1 Assistant

Time: 2 Hours

These are the steps taken to make the body form

Stage 1 – Prepare Yourself
  • Wear an old good fitting t-shirt.

Stage 2 – Applying the Duct Tape
  • Use long strips of duct tape and start applying at the waist snugly.
  • Work downwards checking the strips are applied smoothly and evenly to the lower part of the body.
  • Start working upwards from the waist to below the chest.
  • For the chest apply diagonally strips across the chest area.
  • Attach the cling film to the neck and top of the arms to protect the skin.
  • Add another layer making sure it is on smoothly and all the areas are covered.
  • Once complete cut the middle of the back from the bottom upwards.

Stage 3 – Finishing off the Body Form

  • Tape the coat hanger onto the top of the pole.
  • Add more duct tape to the body form for sticking the back together.
  • Stuff the inside with carrier bags.
  • Tape the bottom, neck and arm holes closed.
  • Put a stand on the end of the pole for the base.

That’s it!
Here are photos of my completed Duct Tape Dummy.

Now all I need to do is start making clothes to put on it.

Have you made a Duct Tape Dummy, I would love to hear your comments and techniques you used to create one?

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