Wednesday, 10 June 2009


I’ve always been interested in clothes and after watching the Gok’s Fashion Fix series 1, with his little handy sewing hints to transform high street wear into something more special looking I was inspired.

I first took some evening classes at a local college in dressmaking back in the Autumn of 2008, to learn the basics of sewing, reading patterns and I had a go at making my first dress, which to this day is still incomplete. I felt the course was a good base for understanding techniques but I felt I class time was short and there was not enough guidance for me, so I became frustrated with little progress I was making. I still wanted to learn more and would love to be able to look at something and turn it into something new, I’ve seen this done many times before and I find it so inspiring.

After researching through the web and finding a fantastic range of resources, I have now built up a library of videos, e-books and patterns to have a go at making myself. I am loaded with ideas busting to become a reality. I have made my own duct tape dress making dummy, kitted out my sewing kit, purchased fabrics and recycling old clothes. Now it’s time to develop my skills and track my progress and this is why I have created Threadware, to remember my journey.

What has inspired you to become interested in sewing? Or are you a confident sewer already and have some opinions on the things I am making and would like to comment on your thoughts? I would love to hear from all levels of the art of sewing. I believe everyone is always learning and can grow no matter what level you are at. I shall look forward to hearing from my readers.

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