Saturday, 13 June 2009

Making a Bikini out of a Skirt

As the summer halter did not go quite as plan and I still had some useable material left I decided to try making a bikini top out of it, like the one I saw on Threadbangers, they used a couple of T-shirts.

I used an old bikini in the same style which still fits as my template. I folded the skirt fabric over so I would get 2 equal pieces once I cut them out. I placed the old bikini on top on the fabric, pinned it down and cut out the triangle shape. I made sure I had cut a little extra around the shape to allow for seam allowance. Once the pieces have been cut out I put them on top of each other to make sure they are the correct size. I used black polycotton fabric to do the inside of the bikini, as I did not have enough of the flower pattern.

The straps were used from the Halter Top project and needed a little alternating, I had to fold them and use a straight stitch on my sewing machine to make them thinner.

Once I had my 4 triangle pieces cut out, I paced the pattern fabric on top of the black fabric and neatened up the ends with the scissors.

The top corners of the bikini I turned inwards and placed the straps on these turned down corners and pined down. I carried on turning in all the sides by 1” pinning as I went.

To make the long strap which is to be used for the bottom of the bikini top I used more of the black poly cotton fabric, cut out about a metre and folded over each of the long ends and again in the middle pinned and sewed a seam.

After pinning everything I checked for fitting with my dummy and started sewing the seams. The bottom strap needed to be threaded through both the triangle pieces, I needed to make sure my seam was close to the end of the fabric forming a tunnel for the fabric to be pulled through.

My finished Bikini. 


I made a bikini, it failed to fit me properly and now I have run out of that lovely fabric. I have learnt a lot more from this experience, that maybe I should use pattern pieces and scrap material. Apart from that, I am getting better with stitching in a straight line and understanding how garments are constructed. This is just inspiring me to keep at it, it can only start to get better.








Have you made a bikini? Can you offer any advice on improving this for next time?

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