Friday, 12 June 2009

Summer Halter Top

I brought this skirt from a local charity shop, it’s actually a kids age 12-13years priced at £1.50 bargain and the quality looks new, I just loved the pattern on the fabric and thought it would make a great summer top.

I spent a few days thinking about the type of top I wanted and weighed it up with my skill level. I drew some sketches and toyed with ideas of using zips, eyelets and straps for fastening the back together. My skill level is still very basic and I didn’t want to start with something too challenging.

Now my art work isn’t brilliant but here are my sketches of how I want this halter top to look.

Idea 1

On the front of the top I thought about using a triangle design for the chest with gathers in the fabric for detail. 2 straps would be used to create the halter style top effect.

For the back I like the idea of a butterfly effect fastening design. I would use 2 eyelets in the back and use pink ribbon to fasten the back pieces together.

I feel this will still be challenging as I've never used eyelets before.

Idea 2

The front design would be a boob tube style top with 2 straps fastening the top together. I feel this would be easier then doing the first style.

For the back I thought about using 8 eyelets and making a corset style fastening, again with matching ribbon to hold the back closed.

Idea 3

After designing two ways to create the front of the top, I still had one more idea for making the back. The back fastens with 4 straps which would match the top straps and tie together. I like this design a lot and feel for my level I should be able to make these straps. Also has no zips or eyelets are used should be fairly straightforward to do.

I have decided to go with the straight front design and using straps for the back.

Well, it did not turn out so well, I managed to make the straps and hem everything ok but then when it came to trying it on, I realised the sides were too short.

So I took another look and thought, it makes a very pretty apron. Like I say, hey its my first try I have learnt a lot about sewing and now have gained a bit more skill level.

Better luck on my next project.

Do you have any thoughts or comments where I went wrong? Can you offer words of wisdom or some useful tips that I could use for similar projects?

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