Sunday, 25 October 2009

Sewing Workstation

After making a few attempts to make clothes I realised that my current work area set up was not working for me.

I kept my sewing machine stored away with all my sewing accessories and when I wanted to make something, it would take over 10 minutes to get set up. I had to cut large pieces of fabric on the carpet or in the hallway outside the room, this was annoying and inconvenient. I used a small table to sew on, which was fine but I was sitting on the sofa bent over my sewing machine and after time I felt this was a bad position to be in. My items were nicely stored away and looked tidy but it didn't look good nor made me feel like I want to sew today.

I knew I needed to do something to improve my sewing area. The room was big enough, so space was not really an issue. I like to leave things tidy but at the same time wanted easy access to my sewing things when inspiration hit.

I was doing some research to find ideas and inspiration on how I could utilise my own space when I came across a very good blog on organising your stuff in the house at Junkie. Also searching on YouTube with 'sewing workstations' lead me to Flyingmichelle for her storage tips and ideas.

I measured up my area and realised that I could fit a decent size table in the corner and still have plenty of room to store all of my things. A trip to Ikea found me a lovely table for £29 which was perfect for me to sew, cut and do general things on.

I came across the idea of using an inspiration board from Diana Rupp's Sew Anything Workshop, which I had as a gift. An inspiration board is somewhere I could pin up any ideas for future sewing projects and I thought this would look good above the table. 

I am very pleased with my work station area now and can't wait to start making more sewing projects.

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