Friday, 6 November 2009

Keyboard Mat

My computer workstation still looks fairly new and I want to keep it that way. I move my keyboard a lot of the time and worried this may scratch the surface after a while. For a time I used a cleaning cloth to protect the top, this was messy looking and not working as it should. This inspired me to create a key board mat not only to for practically but also to look good.

Equipment Used:-

Fabric (enough to cover a keyboard)
Sewing Machine

Time Taken: 2 Hours
Skills Learnt, Using Zig Zag stitching

Step 1

Measure the keyboard and leave enough room for seam allowance. I found mine to be 50cm x 20cm.

Step 2.

Copy these measurements onto a piece of cardboard. Once the image of the keyboard it drawn on cut it out.

Step 3

Check the fabric will cover the cardboard and has enough room for seam allowance.

Step 4

Place the cardboard in the material and sew from one end of the mat until all sides are sealed. I used a zigzag stitch for a funky look and also to protect the edges from fraying.

Step 5

Once all the sewing is complete. Cut off any excess material to make it look neater.

Job Complete!

Let me know how you get on when you make one of these. If you need further instructions please leave a comment below and I will respond.