Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Making A Christmas Stocking

We had a new addition to our family last Christmas with the arrival of our rabbit, Kiwi Bunny and this year I didn't want him to feel left out. I made my cute little bunny a Christmas stocking to keep his presents in. I found a great YouTube video from Etsy on how to make a stocking; it was done in 3 parts and is very easy to understand.

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3

Items used

Material (red fleece for the outside and white bed sheet for the lining)
Sewing Machine
Ribbon (recycled from a box of chocolates)
Bell (from a cheap Christmas decoration)

Time Take: 3 hours

Making a Template 

I used some scrap paper to draw a sock shape on and added a bit extra to allow for seam allowance. Once happy with the shape and size I cut the shapes out.

Cutting the Fabric 

I laid the red fabric a little below the top of the template stocking. The lining material was laid on top making sure it was level with the template and not level with the red material, this was to create a white cuff at the top of the stocking. Then the template was placed on top of these fabrics and pinned. It is best to pin everything to stop the fabric pieces moving about when cutting the shapes out. 

After all the pieces have been cut, its best to start decorating the stocking at this stage, this makes is easier to sew everything together later on. I did a Google search on rabbit pictures and came across the perfect bunny shape to use. (tip: If the picture is too "small" or "large" reduce or blow up the picture using a photocopier.)After all the pieces have been cut out I used a zig zag stitch on my sewing machine and red thread to attach the rabbit to the stocking.

I put the right sides of the fabric together for the outside of the stocking and used a straight stitch with 1/4 seam allowance. (tip: I lined up the edge of the fabric to the machine's foot.) I stitched all around the stocking leaving the top open. Remember to put a few nips in the curves of the stocking to stop the fabric from bunching up. 

Creating the Loop

I used ribbon to make a loop, which is used to hold the stocking up. After deciding on the length I used a zig zag stitch to attach the ends together, making a loop. I lined up the loop with the ends of the ribbon in line with the seam at the side of the stocking and used a straight stitch making sure to double over for added security.

Creating the Lining

Follow the instructions on making the outside of the stocking, put the right sides together and sew around the stocking using a 1/4 seam allowance. Make sure a gap is left near the top of the stocking. This will be used to turn the stocking the right way out and also for the loop to come through.

Turning the Stocking Right Way Out 

Turn the outside of the stocking right way out pushing the corners to make sure all the shape is correct. Put the outside of the stocking into the lining part make sure the raw ends of the fabric are lined up (top of the stocking). Use a straight stitch and sew all around the top of the stocking. Use the hole in the lining to grab the outside of the stocking and pull it all out. Check the loop as come out of the stocking to before sewing up the hole. Push the lining into the stocking making sure to push our any folds in the fabric. Sew on more decoration as preferred, a jingle was used on these stockings at the side of the stocking.

Improvement Tips

After creating a large stocking for Kiwi I decided to make small ones to use as Christmas tree decorations. I realised I needed to do more hand sewing as they were too small to use on the sewing machine. When I sewed the bunny shape by hand using white thread it looked a lot neater/ I have used these stockings to decorate presents for friends.