Saturday, 9 January 2010

Scissor Wrap

I have a small toolbox which I use to keep all my sewing supplies in, well I say all but it only really holds my scissor collection. You can imagine my joy when I stumbled across a great little tutorial from 'Make Space for Crafting' on how to make a scissor holder. This was exactly what I needed to tidy up my scissors and free up my space to keep my pins and other important sewing items.

Materials needed:

35" X 26" Heavy Cotton Fabric
18" long of Ribbon or fabric (not shown)
Scissor collection ( mine is 7 pairs)
Time: 2 hours
Skills Learnt: Straight stitching

Step 1. Iron out the fabric to get rid of any creases.

2. Fold the fabric lengthways in half.

3. Line up the scissors. I followed the same way as the way as 'Make Space for Crating' did by lining up the scissors using the screws.

4. Use a strip (4" length x 1" wide) of the same fabric and place it over the centre of the scissors.

5. In between each of the scissors use the pins to hold it in place. Mae sure to leave a little bit of room between each pair of scissors. This will make it easier for wrapping it up.

6. Take out all the scissors and start sewing the 2 fabrics together using a straight stitch on the sewing machine.Go all around the sides.

Tip: Lift the foot up with the needle still in the fabric to go around the corners.

7. Sew the middle strip down in place, using the same settings on the sewing machine as before. Use 3 lines on each side of where the pins are.

8. Cut the ribbon or fabric to make the ties for the sewing wrap. The longest piece approx 12" and the shorter piece 6" long. Put the short piece of ribbon on the back next to the seam edge and sew in place. Roll up the wrap to find the area where the short piece reaches and mark or pin this spot. Put the longer strip of ribbon on this seam and sew in place.

9. Place all the scissors back in the wrap and roll up.

I am fairly pleased with the result, though I feel that the fabric I used was not study enough and should of found some more heavy duty material.

Can you recommend another type of fabric when I try this again? Also I wasn't happy with leaving the raw edges on show, how would you make improvements to this design?

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Jessi said...

I found you on a facebook discussion and am following now! I want to learn to sew SO bad! I have so many saved projects and tutorials...for when I get a sewing machine. So excited to check out more of your blog!