Saturday, 6 March 2010

Revisited Shoe Bags


I have been attempting to make a flared mini skirt for the past 2 weeks, only to realise that trying to make a first skirt using a stretchy fabric is a big no-no. I have struggled with my machine, wanting to chew up the fabric. When hemming the skirt it was curling up uncontrollably. It was not looking too bad until the final hemming stage which really finished the skirt badly. So unfortunately this skirt is still a work in progress and I am unable to post a tutorial on it yet.

I have been busy sewing things in addition to my skirt. Anyway, I wanted to share with you my latest Shoe Bags I’ve been making. You may remember my blog entry which was posted last year entitled  Making a Shoe Bag, which was written when I was learning the basics. Here are two more bags I have made, let me know what you think.

I used cow print fabric with black cording for the closure to make the bag on the right. This bag is going to be a present for my friend when she gets back from her travels to use how she wishes.


I used craft cotton and yellow ribbon for the tie for this bag, which is going to store my tap shoes. I  have recently bought new shoes as my others were no longer suitable. I just had to how off my new Capezio Fierce Tapsneakers , they are so comfy to dance in.


After all my projects I always remember to clean up after myself, not just tidying up stray pins on the floor and messy fabric cuttings but also to clean my machine. It is very important to brush away those fabric bits and lint build up to keep your machines working correctly.

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