Sunday, 23 May 2010

Bean Bag Tutorial Part 1

I have a pet rabbit who loves to run around the kitchen area in the evening and therefore I am always sitting on the floor to play with him. I have videos following his daily activities (if you are interested in watching please visit my channel on YouTube).
While watching some videos on ThreadBangers I found a great tutorial on making a bean bag. I’ve never owned one of these before and have always wanted one and here is my tutorial on making a bean bag.
Equipment Required
  • Fabric – hard wearing for outside
  • Lining Fabric – Inside of bag
  • Card or newspaper for pattern
  • Dressmaking tape
  • Sewing Machine (Universal needle)
  • Poppers (or snaps)
  • Zipper
  • Bean Bag Filling approx 6 cubic meters
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Weights
Time Taken for pattern preparation: 1 hour

Techniques: Fabric Cutting

1. Making the Pattern

I used a piece of large strong paper but you can use newspaper if you wish.

To make a circle template put a pin in the centre of the paper and measure out 12 inches from the centre. Draw a line all the way around the radius to create a circle.

Cut out the circle. Trace another circle, one circle width from the original circle and draw lines connecting the two.

Measure in from one of the lines 1/4 of the width (6 inches). Repeat for the other side. Create an arch using the line drawn.

Cut out the template using normal scissors (not your dressmaking ones).

2. Cutting the Fabric.

Place the pattern on top of the lining fabric and cut 2 pieces, use weights to hold the pattern down if required. To cut out the pattern correctly hold a firm hand on the pattern and take long smooth strokes, not closing the scissors completely, and work slowly around the pattern. This is a time consuming process, it’s very important to cut correctly so do not rush this step.

Lining is now cut.

Repeat this step to cut out the outer fabric. I used contrasting colours and therefore cut out 1 piece for each colour.

Please visit my blog next week when I will show you how I sewed the pieces together.

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