Sunday, 30 May 2010

Bean Bag Tutorial Part 2

If you missed the first bean bag tutorial on how to make a pattern and also to cut the fabric please feel free to take a look.

In this tutorial I will explain how I made the lining part of the bean bag which uses a zip closure, to be able to get back into the bag to fill it up later.

Fabric Pieces


Now that all the fabric pieces have been cut from the template put the outside pieces to one side as we are just dealing with the lining this time.

Lining up the pieces


The two fabric pieces should resemble the look of the two sections of an unfolded tennis ball.

Separate the two pieces of fabric and put both facing right side down. Make a small chalk mark on the centre of the first piece. On the other piece put a mark on the centre of the either circle.


Pin the Fabric



Use the marks which have just been made to line up the pieces, the curves of each piece fitting into the arches of the other piece.


Line up the marks which have just been made and pin around the edges until meeting up at the start again.


Insert the Zip

Decide on where the zip will be placed and take out a few pins where the zip will be inserted.


Sew a basting stitch for the length required for the zip as per my previous instructions on Making a Hobo Shoulder Bag.


Press open the seams.



Place the zip in the open seam and pin in place.



I find it quicker to hand sew then to use a sewing machine to baste the zip in place.



Use a zipper foot on the sewing machine and sew in place.



Unpick all the basting stitches with a seam ripper.



The zip will now be attached to the lining.



Open the zip as this will be used to turn the lining the right way round.


Sew the Seams


Change the machine foot back to the normal straight stitching foot and sew up all the seams. I kept the fabric lined to the end of the foot for the seam allowance.


Finishing the Seams


After all the seams have been sewn use pinking shears and pink all of the edges, this will stop fraying.


In my next entry I will be making the bean bag cover which is the last part in the series.

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