Sunday, 16 May 2010

Storage Solutions

A while ago I wrote an entry about my Sewing Workstation and I would like to share with you my storage solutions for keeping all your sewing items in a organised manner.

Cutting Mat and Rulers Storage

I have a size A1 cutting mat made by Olfa (approx. £34) that fits on my table perfectly. At first I thought it was expensive but after constant use it still feels like new, there are no scratches or dents in it and I really think it was worth the money. The rulers sit next to the board but I would like to find somewhere to hang these up.

Haberdashery Storage

From a local shop in town I came across this CD storage unit - it contains 4 clear plastic drawers, which I have found is great for storing ribbons, bias tape, zips and elastic.

I wrapped the bias tape and ribbons around pieces of card and stuck a pin in to stop the ends from unravelling, it also looks neater in the drawers too.

The green and white patterned container is a box that came with a gift set and it is a nice size for storing easy-to-reach items like pens, pins, masking tape and etc.

While I was browsing on eBay (please note I am not linked to the seller in anyway, I just like the box) I saw this cute wooden storage box, which holds bobbins and threads on top and anything small in the drawers. I change my thread frequently and  the size of the box means I can store it on my work table without it getting in the way. I keep safety pins and spare bobbins in the drawers.

These white storage boxes are versatile, and can be stacked vertically or horizontally as they slide into place. The draws are clear and this makes it perfect for storing buttons or other small items.

Fabric Storage

This larger 4 drawer unit is great for storing fabric and interfacing, the size and wheels on the bottom make it portable too.

These long storage containers are a perfect size for storing under my table. I keep all my scraps of materials and clothes I want to recycle.

Magazines & Pattern Storage

Magazine racks are great for storing patterns as well as magazines.

Sewing Kit & Sewing Books Storage

I have a TV unit which I use to store my books and sewing kit, also my overlocker fits nicely on the shelf.
I hope some of these storage items will inspire you for your sewing workstation. I would like to hear about how you set up your storage workstation and if you want to share any tips please leave a comment below.

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Anonymous said...

I like all your ideas for storage. I also use the plastic drawers but in the drawers I have all my elastic, bindings, velcro, clips etc sorted into clear ziplock bags which I get cheap from the market. It means I can see straightaway what is where.