Sunday, 6 June 2010

Bean Bag Tutorial Part 3

This is the last in the series on making a bean bag, where I will explain how I made the bean bag cover using snaps for the closure. Part 1 covered making the pattern and part 2 was making the lining.

Making the Cover

Dig out the cover pieces that were cut and put to one side see the previous blog entry. I used coordinating colours of purple and green for my outside cover.
As before when making the lining follow the instructions for Lining up the Pieces and Pin the Fabric.  Leave a large gap along one of the circle curves, this will be used for the opening to put it over the lining and to place the closure snaps.

Use a straight stitch and sew all around the edges, remembering not to sew where the snaps will be placed.

Pink all edges of seams with pinking shears to stop fraying.

On the opening attach the snaps to the seam. Fold over the raw edge and fold again to cover up any remaining raw edges. Press with the iron.

Pin the snaps in place.

Change the foot on your sewing machine to a zipper foot and sew the snaps in place. Taking care when going close to the snaps.

The cover is now complete.

Fill the lining with polystyrene balls until firm and close the zip. Slide the lining inside the outside cover and shake the bean bag to smooth out any lumps.

Place the bean bag where required, I used ours in the kitchen area for having somewhere comfortable to sit on when our rabbit is out playing.

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