Sunday, 1 August 2010

Cutting Techniques

This is the 5th entry in the Simplicity Dress 3833 Series . If you have missed any of the previous entries please visit the Introduction Page.

When all the pieces have been pinned in place on the fabric they are ready to be cut. This stage is crucial in dress making and it is therefore best to cut as accurately as possible.

Cutting Tools

It is best to use dressmaking scissors to cut the pieces out of the fabric. In the photo above these are Janome 10inch dressmaking shears, it is advisable to spend as much as you can afford on a pair of good quality scissors. If they are looked after properly they will last a lifetime. After use always wipe away any lint with a clean cloth and store.

When cutting out a pattern piece put one hand firmly on the fabric and use long strokes to cut around the shape. For cutting around curves use smaller strokes. For more information on cutting using dressmaking scissors please visit Hip Line Media where there is a downloadable PDF.

Rotary Cutter/ Ruler & Mat

A rotary cutter is best for cutting straight lines with speed and precision. For a great video on how to use a rotary cutter visit TheCraftGemini. Depending on the amount of use the blades will become blunt very quickly and they are not cheap to buy. It is possible to buy a blade sharper to extend their life. Remember to always clean the blade with a cloth after use.

Place the ruler on the cutting line on the pattern and with pressure move the rotary cutter along the ruler. This came in useful for cutting down the straight sides of the skirt pieces. I have found Rotary Cutting for Tips to be a useful guide.

Next week I’ll explain how to transfer the markings on the pattern pieces to the fabric.

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