Sunday, 29 August 2010

Pressing Tools & Techniques

This is part of the Skill Bite section of the Simplicity Dress 3833 series. If you have missed any of the series please visit the Introduction page, where you will find all the previous links.

What is Pressing?

Pressing is a technique sewing enthusiast use to flatten areas where stitching has taken place. A great website explaining about the difference between ironing and pressing can be found on Love to Sew.

Useful Pressing Tools

An iron is essential to be able to press. It does not have to be top of the range, the one I use is the cheapest on sale in Wilkinson’s for about £5.00.

To press darts and anything that needs to be curved, its best to invest in one of these or make your own. If you want to have a go I recommend following the instructions on Burda Style, created in only 5 steps.

To use a tailor’s ham place the fabric on top and apply pressure with the iron.

A sleeve roll is used to flatten the seams on making the sleeves and also makes it easier to make the hems.

To use a sleeve roll insert the roll into the sleeve and press the seam with the iron.
Richard654w from YouTube shows you how to press using a tailors ham and also a sleeve roll.
Next week I’ll explain what darts are and how they are used in constructing garments.

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