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This is part of the Skill Bite section of the Simplicity Dress 3833 series. If you have missed any of the series please visit the Introduction page, where you will find all of the previous links.

What are Darts?

In the simplest terms sewing darts are used to shape a garment. You will find darts on tops, sleeves and skirts- anywhere that shape will be needed.

Sewing with Darts

This is a bodice pattern piece with a dart marking at the bottom.

When I see darts on sewing patterns they remind me of triangles.

To transfer the markings onto your fabric, please visit my previous blog entry on Transferring Pattern Markings.

Pinch the dart using your fingers to join the ends of the lines together, remember to match the dots on either side of the fabric.

When pinning the fold keep the pins horizontal.

Stitch the dart using a sewing machine, always sew from the raw edges of the fabric to the centre of the dart. Back stitch at the start of the dart and when nearly at the end of the dart change the stitch length to a shorter one. Never back stitch at the end, and leave enough thread to be able to tie a double knot. Darts are always finished this way to stop puckering.

Press the dart using a tailors ham to assist with shaping, always press the way it was sewn.

A pressed dart.

This is how the dart looks on the garment.

For a video tutorial on sewing darts visit The Craft Channel on YouTube.

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