Sunday, 19 September 2010


This is part of the Skill Bite section of the Simplicity Dress 3833 series. If you have missed any of the series please visit the Introduction page, where you will find all of the previous links.

Different Zips

There are many different types of zips out on the market, including invisible zips, zips with plastic or metal teeth and nylon zips.  They also come in a wide variety of colours and sizes, don’t worry too much about if the zip is too long - they are very easy to make shorter.

Inserting Zips

A while ago I made a Hobo Shoulder Bag where I explained in detail how to attach a zip and also to make one shorter, please visit my previous entry to see how I do them.
Here are the steps to inserting a zip simplified:
  • On the position where the zip will be placed use a baste stitch to make a seam
  • Press seam open
  • Line up the zip
  • Stitch the zip in place
  • Unpick basting

As I used a standard zip on the back of the dress it can be seen, if I had used an invisible one it would not be easy to see. The zip has not been finished at the top as I want to get it out easily for using on the final dress.

Useful Resources

If you prefer learning from watching videos I recommend Angela Kane’s Make Your Own Clothes. In particular, part 5 and 6 covers inserting invisible zips.
For  a quick tutorial on inserting zips visit YCMTTV video on How to Install a Zipper.

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