Sunday, 17 October 2010

Inserting Neck Pieces

This is part of the Skill Bite section of the Simplicity Dress 3833 series. If you have missed any of the series please visit the Introduction page, where you will find all of the previous links.

The Neck Piece

This is the neck piece that I stitched together and added the interfacing to, as shown in my previous blog entry Interfacing.

Line up the notches to the notches on the top of the bodice and with the right sides of the fabric together, pin in place.

This is the back view of the neck piece that has been pinned in place.

And the front view.

Using a ⅝ inch seam allowance stitch around the top of the neck piece.

The back view of the neck piece now stitched to the bodice.

And the front view.

Understitch the neck piece, this is to stop the lining rolling over the fabric. A great video can be found on You Tube by Senseabilitypatterns where she explains clearly how to do understitching.

Tuck in the neck piece using your fingers and press with an iron.

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