Sunday, 30 January 2011

Organising Electronic Patterns

Currently I have 277MB of patterns stored on my PC and I’m sure this number will keep growing, I knew it was time I should start to think about how I would organise them.  I do use folders which separate my patterns e.g. Home Decor items and Dress Making, which segment further e.g. tops, dresses, accessories etc. This still wasn’t clear enough for me to see what I had.

The Solution

I have created a database to use to store patterns which is available  on open source for you to use for private use only. This software is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Pattern Catalogue User Guide

This simple database will record  pattern information from those commercially brought patterns to PDF versions stored on a PC.

Data Input

It is a simple form which uses some drop down menus which allows you to choose from a selection of options. The drop down options are available for Pattern Company Name and Pattern Type.

The text boxes allow you to write your own data.

Adding Document Links

To add a location where the document is stored click on the Browse for File button.

A box will pop up and search for the file you want to link to at this location.

After clicking OK in the pop up box the file will be displayed on the record.

Opening the Link

Click on the link in the Location of PDF box the document will open in a separate window.

Adding Photos

To add a photo click the Browse for Photo button.

A box will pop up which will allow you to search your computer documents and select the photo to be placed. Click OK to accept.

After clicking OK the picture will now be visible on the record.

Finding Data

Click on the Find button at the top of the page and it will bring up a find search box to be able to search through the database.


Click on the Save button at the top of the database to save the record.

Closing Database

When your done adding in the information click the Close button at the top and this will also save the data entry and close the database.

Download the Software

Visit Pattern Catalogue  & User Guide  to download the software and the user guide which available in PDF format.

To make the software free to download I have used DropBox, which is a great free application for sharing or backing up your PC Files. (Please note: you do not need to sign up to download the software.)

Please comment below if you have downloaded this software and let me know what you think about it. It is also free for you to make changes to the categories as you wish.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Sewing Pattern Catalogue Database

I have a collection of different patterns which I have either brought second-hand off eBay to patterns that are available on the Internet and believe me, there are a lot out there. With my current skill level I have a lot to learn and a lot of these patterns I have are still too advanced, which currently scare me and I have filed for future use. I guess you can say I may have a slight addiction now with pattern collection and I need to do something about organising them.

Organising Paper Patterns

I keep my paper patterns stored in magazine racks in my sewing room.

I find zippy bags to keep them dust free.

These A4 size zippy bags are ideal for patterns that have been traced and cut. With the separate compartments I can keep the cut pattern pieces together with the original pattern.

For patterns I’ve seen on the Internet I have printed these out and stored them in lever arch files. For some great ideas on storing your sewing patterns visit Pattern Review where KarmenG shares her storing tips. Also there are handy tips on About Sewing too.

My next blog entry I will reveal my Pattern Catalogue software which I have created to store information for both paper patterns and electronic copies. You will be able to download your very own copy and use for free for private use only. Please leave a comment as I will be very interested in how you have found using this software.