Saturday, 22 January 2011

Sewing Pattern Catalogue Database

I have a collection of different patterns which I have either brought second-hand off eBay to patterns that are available on the Internet and believe me, there are a lot out there. With my current skill level I have a lot to learn and a lot of these patterns I have are still too advanced, which currently scare me and I have filed for future use. I guess you can say I may have a slight addiction now with pattern collection and I need to do something about organising them.

Organising Paper Patterns

I keep my paper patterns stored in magazine racks in my sewing room.

I find zippy bags to keep them dust free.

These A4 size zippy bags are ideal for patterns that have been traced and cut. With the separate compartments I can keep the cut pattern pieces together with the original pattern.

For patterns I’ve seen on the Internet I have printed these out and stored them in lever arch files. For some great ideas on storing your sewing patterns visit Pattern Review where KarmenG shares her storing tips. Also there are handy tips on About Sewing too.

My next blog entry I will reveal my Pattern Catalogue software which I have created to store information for both paper patterns and electronic copies. You will be able to download your very own copy and use for free for private use only. Please leave a comment as I will be very interested in how you have found using this software.


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